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Have You Eaten Yet?

Kassata Bollman

Preparing, serving and eating food is sacred.

The entire process from concept to reality is an artform….often with synchronistic moments woven in between.

We all experience a different journey when it comes to food.

But what about looking at the path of a chef?

These professionals are taking part in this sacred practice daily and on a high stakes level.

The energy is heightened for them.

It’s at this level that deep & profound life lessons are learned.

Universal lessons that can help all of us navigate life.

Are there shared beliefs among those who have been through life’s toughest moments?

In Have You Eaten Yet, host Kassata Bollman talks with chefs from around the world about their journey to the present moment.

It’s through these open and honest conversations that some of the best chefs in the world explain how they overcome challenges, connect with a deeper sense of self and navigate life.

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